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Flavor Profiles

The following is a list of suggested flavors. We have more than 10,000 formulas and are continuously adding flavors upon request. We are not beyond making any type of cake no matter the request, including gluten free, kosher dairy always.


White Chocolate Raspberry Torte

Vanilla sponge cake topped with a seedless raspberry purée and white chocolate mousse.

Torte Le Citron

White sponge cake soaked with citron vodka ( upon request ) with lemon curd and white chocolate mousse.

Guava & Cream Cheese

White Sponge cake with a guava purée and a vanilla bean cream cheese.

Red Velvet

Our old fashion red velvet cake made with sour cream and buttermilk layered with vanilla bean cream cheese

Old Fashion Carrot Cake

My Grandmother's recipe for carrot cake made with pineapple and coconut flour layered with vanilla bean cream cheese.

Strawberry Fresier

French almond pound cake, Creme Bruléé, fresh strawberries marinated in Grande Marnier

Torte Macaroon

It is a traditional French wedding cake. Sliced French almond pound cake with raspberry butter cream. Oooh La LA!

Boston Cream Cake

Chocolate Éclair cake ( for the socks haters ). It is a white sponge cake with chocolate ganache ( chocolate truffle ), creme Bruléé on delicious white chocolate sponge cake.

Jour et Nuit


( Day N' Night )

Both white and chocolate cake alternately layered with white chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. It is our best seller cake as it is our own version of marble cake done in a French style.

Chocolate Raspberry Cordial Torte

chocolate sponge cake with seedless raspberry purée, French chocolate mousse and our own chocolate fudge cake.

Chocolate Mousse cake

chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate mouse

Create Your Own Cake!

Use any of our flavors or fillings, use any of our cakes or bring in your own family recipe for us to use on your cake. It is completely up to you. any cake flavor. help us to create your dream cake.

Most of our cakes are approximately 5$ a slice ( a Cake that feeds 30 people will be 150$ ) PLEASE note this base price does not include fees related to design creations, art decoration and or delivery charges.


Create Your Own Cake!

Pick from our selection of cake flavors and fillings and create a cake thats right for you.

Cake Fillings:

Lemon Curd

Seedless Raspberry Purée

Guava Purée

White Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Ganache

Crémé Bruléé

Cream Cheese Icing

Butter Cream

Fresh Fruit

any fresh fruit that you'd want in your cake


we can put your favorite cordial alcohol in any cake for you upon request ( if you're 21 or older )

Salted Caramel

German Chocolate Cake Icing

Caramelized Pineapple Filling

Cake Flavors

White cake

Chocolate Cake

French Almond Pound Cake


Carrot Cake

Red Velvet

Jamacan Black Cake

Confetti Cake

Banana Cake

Gluten Free

Cheese Cake

Chocolate Decadence Cake

Spice Cake

Your Favorite Cake!

we will make a cake with your favorite or family recipe, Just ask!